adj., n., & adv.
1 a extending uniformly in the same direction; without a curve or bend etc. b Geom. (of a line) lying on the shortest path between any two of its points.
2 successive, uninterrupted (three straight wins).
3 in proper order or place or condition; duly arranged; level, symmetrical (is the picture straight?; put things straight).
4 honest, candid; not evasive (a straight answer).
5 (of thinking etc.) logical, unemotional.
6 (of drama etc.) serious as opposed to popular or comic; employing the conventional techniques of its art form.
7 a unmodified. b (of a drink) undiluted.
8 colloq. (of music) classical.
9 colloq. a (of a person etc.) conventional or respectable. b heterosexual.
10 (of an arch) flat-topped.
11 (of a person's back) not bowed.
12 (of the hair) not curly or wavy.
13 (of a knee) not bent.
14 (of the legs) not bandy or knock-kneed.
15 (of a garment) not flared.
16 coming direct from its source.
17 (of an aim, look, blow, or course) going direct to the mark.
1 the straight part of something, esp. the concluding stretch of a racecourse.
2 a straight condition.
3 a sequence of five cards in poker.
4 colloq. a conventional person; a heterosexual.
1 in a straight line; direct; without deviation or hesitation or circumlocution (came straight from Paris; I told them straight).
2 in the right direction, with a good aim (shoot straight).
3 correctly (can't see straight).
4 archaic at once or immediately.
Phrases and idioms:
go straight live an honest life after being a criminal. the straight and narrow morally correct behaviour. straight angle an angle of 180(0). straight away at once; immediately. straight-bred not cross-bred. straight-cut (of tobacco) cut lengthwise into long silky fibres. straight-edge a bar with one edge accurately straight, used for testing. straight-eight
1 an internal-combustion engine with eight cylinders in line.
2 a vehicle having this. straight eye the ability to detect deviation from the straight. straight face an intentionally expressionless face, esp. avoiding a smile though amused. straight-faced having a straight face. straight fight Brit. Polit. a direct contest between two candidates. straight flush see FLUSH(3).
straight from the shoulder
1 (of a blow) well delivered.
2 (of a verbal attack) frank or direct. straight man a comedian's stooge. straight off colloq. without hesitation, deliberation, etc. (cannot tell you straight off).
straight-out US
1 uncompromising.
2 straightforward, genuine. straight razor US a cutthroat razor.
straightly adv. straightness n.
Etymology: ME, past part. of STRETCH

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